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Octane between fiction and reality

You might think this picture is realistic But in fact, this the image was made in the Unity gaming engine used in making UMX Studio games through a free tool from Unity that improves the scene in terms of lighting, reflection, a number of pixels, shadow direction, and other image characteristics.        

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Mobile Games Market

The digital world is in great growth, and in our time we see many sectors and fields seeking digital transformation. One of the biggest and fastest-growing areas of entertainment, especially the gaming market, has in recent years witnessed a major shift in the gaming application market. Let's ask why mobile games ?? And why recently

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UMXStudio Celebrates 5 years of the first game launch.

We celebrate 23-6-2019 at UMX Studio Game Development Studio in Saudi Arabia for passing 5 years. Since the launch of our first game on the same day in 2014, we have crossed the threshold of 30 million players from around the globe as a local game development studio and over 2.4 million active users per

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