The digital world is in great growth, and in our time we see many sectors and fields seeking digital transformation. One of the biggest and fastest-growing areas of entertainment, especially the gaming market, has in recent years witnessed a major shift in the gaming application market.

Let’s ask why mobile games ??

And why recently we see a lot of gaming ads ??

And see the great pumping in the promotion of games and specifically mobile games ??

The answer is simple because the mobile gaming market has jumped in recent years. It took a very large percentage in the gaming world… and took a very large share of profits. Mobile gaming has also grown very fast year by year as shown in the following picture:

نمو سوق العاب الجوال

As seen in the picture, mobile games grow by 29% annually, and in 2019 mobile games made profits in East Asia more than three billion dollars, and PC games grow by 8%, and the Console 4% from the previous year, according to a report Global gaming market The mobile gaming profit rate of the gaming market is 51%, the console gaming profit rate is 25%, and the PC gaming profit rate is 24%, hence the development of mobile games and the importance of mobile gaming market.

As for the level of mobile apps in general :

In 2018, all applications, including games, generated more than 194 billion downloads worldwide and total application revenue was over $ 100 billion. Game applications accounted for 78% of total revenue in 2018,

The United States, China, and Japan accounted for about 75% of total revenue for game applications.

Interestingly, most financially successful mobile games are free to download, so developers had to work to create a gameplay that consumes products to induce players to buy or subscribe within the game, such as motivating the player to win privileges, such as strategy games that generate monthly revenues of more than 100 million. $, Or like motivating a player to be distinct from others in a specific costume or jealousy, such as the Battle Royale games that generate monthly revenues in excess of $ 300 million, the player can buy in-game. The developer or the development company should work on strategies that increase the player’s desire for the product, whether temporary offers or rare products and other strategies, which is dependent on the development company for income.