About UMX Studio

UMX Studio is a leading Saudi game development company founded in 2014 with a passion for creating exceptional games that have captivated millions of players. Driven by the belief in the power of video games to entertain, foster connections, and promote Arabic culture.

Expertise in Game Design and Development

With over a decade of experience in designing and developing mobile games, UMX Studio boasts a team of talented developers who seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with creative concepts to produce unique gaming experiences tailored to the needs and aspirations of Arab players.

We expanded and still going…





Over 70 Million Downloads: A Testament to Player Trust

UMX Studio prioritizes developing high-quality mobile games featuring stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and suitability for all ages. Their games have garnered over 70 million downloads to date, showcasing their commitment to providing authentic Arabic content that reflects their culture and values.

Journey Towards Mobile Gaming Prominence

2014 marked the inception of UMX Studio’s journey with the release of their debut game, “Climbing Sand Dune,” which took the mobile gaming world by storm, topping app store charts.

UMX Studio’s unwavering ambition is to establish itself as one of the world’s leading game development studios. They aspire to expand their reach globally, inspiring the next generation of developers and innovators.

UMX: An Abbreviation with a Deeper Meaning

UMX stands for Urmastyx, a genus of lizards native to the Arabian Peninsula.