5 ways to acquire more users for your mobile game! (without paid ads)

User acquisition for mobile games is a big part of any game app’s marketing strategy, used to attract consumers to download and interact with your mobile game. Obtaining new users doesn’t not only need to include paid campaigns but also needs to include organic ways of generating traffic. Here are some strategies to include

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5 trends to watch out for in the gaming world!

It's a great time to be a part of the gaming industry. The time has gone when you would be berated by your dad for spending ALL of your time gaming. Now professional gamers are a thing and are raking in a lot more cash than your typical parent-friendly jobs. Moreover, professional gamers are

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UMXStudio Celebrates 5 years of the first game launch.

We celebrate 23-6-2019 at UMX Studio Game Development Studio in Saudi Arabia for passing 5 years. Since the launch of our first game on the same day in 2014, we have crossed the threshold of 30 million players from around the globe as a local game development studio and over 2.4 million active users per

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Visit of Sony Worldwide Studios President to UMX Studio

We had been honored with visit of Mr. Shuhie Yoshida (Sony Worldwide Studios President) to UMX Studio on Gamers’ Day which was held in King Abdullah Park in Riyadh. As we had proudly met with Mr. Yoshida and shown some of our games such as Climbing-Sand-Dune and King-of-Steering which were tested and praised by his

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