We celebrate 23-6-2019 at UMX Studio Game Development Studio in Saudi Arabia for passing 5 years.

Since the launch of our first game on the same day in 2014, we have crossed the threshold of 30 million players from around the globe as a local game development studio and over 2.4 million active users per month worldwide.

On this special occasion, we celebrated it with our fans at the UMXStudio

At UMXStudio, we are proud to be larger and stronger as a team and a company in the production and development of professional games that players want to play and enjoy it for a long time and spread around the world.

Our team includes specialists in all areas of gaming today and we bound our commitment to support the game industry and development locally and transform it from full consumption to production and sustainability.

UMX Studio sponsored the 2019 Global Game Jam event in Riyadh earlier this year.

يومكس ستوديو

Global Game Jam for a young developers in July 2019.

يومكس ستوديو جلوبال جيم


UMX Studio for the games in Saudi Arabia offers a series of activities that support the industry locally like workshops and seminars.

It is one of UMX Studio’s strategic plans to build support for the gaming industry domestically, which is widely used and transformed from consumption to production. We also strive to create amazing games with an Arabic authentic.