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King of Steering (KOS): Realistic Drifting (Hajwala) Game

King of Steering (KOS) is a 3D multiplayer racing game that took the gaming world by storm in 2016.

Get ready to an exciting journey through open-world, vibrant cities, adrenaline-pumping highways. Sharpen your skills, dominate the leaderboards, and become the ultimate drifting legend, racing your friends or battling it out with thousands of daily players worldwide!

Game Features

  • Real-life Open World Experience: 
    • Buy everything you need from the stores, fill your gas tank, clean your car, and order food.  
    • Use the maps to navigate easily between different places. 
    • Express your style by choosing the clothes you prefer from a wide range of options. 
  • Transform Your Car into a Masterpiece with Endless Customization Possibilities: 
    • Customize your vehicles to match your driving style. 
    • Make your car a reflection of your personality with a wide range of stickers. 
  • Challenge Your Friends and Prove Your Dominance: 
    • Engage in multiplayer competitions. 
    • Send gifts to the other players and establish your status as the true King of steering! 
  • Live auction and Marketplace Experience: 
    • Put your unique car up for sale in the car marketplace. 
    • Become a skilled hunter for the rare cars, distinctive license plates, and even pets in the auctions. 
  • Real-life racing experience with the engine Sounds. 
  • Clans and Championships:  
    • Team up with friends to practice, compete, and rise to the top.  
    • Put your skills to the test against the best in high-stakes, competitive Championships events.