UMX Studio Positions Itself as a Global Leader by Developing Bespoke Gaming Solutions: GoodFirms

Creating awesome games with amazing cinematic, photo-realistic graphics, and fascinating gameplay would soon endow UMX Studio as one of the leading game development companies at GoodFirms. About UMX Studios: Incepted in 2014 and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, UMX Studios helps clients build awareness, refine their experiences, establish their presence, and localize their content

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5 ways to acquire more users for your mobile game! (without paid ads)

User acquisition for mobile games is a big part of any game app’s marketing strategy, used to attract consumers to download and interact with your mobile game. Obtaining new users doesn’t not only need to include paid campaigns but also needs to include organic ways of generating traffic. Here are some strategies to include

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Octane between fiction and reality

You might think this picture is realistic But in fact, this the image was made in the Unity gaming engine used in making UMX Studio games through a free tool from Unity that improves the scene in terms of lighting, reflection, a number of pixels, shadow direction, and other image characteristics.        

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