User acquisition for mobile games is a big part of any game app’s marketing strategy, used to attract consumers to download and interact with your mobile game. Obtaining new users doesn’t not only need to include paid campaigns but also needs to include organic ways of generating traffic. Here are some strategies to include in your user acquisition plan without paid ads.

1) ASO (App store Optimization)

It’s very important to successfully optimize your game on app stores. This is done by using keywords in your apps name, descriptions and localizing your content.

  • Keywords:- Including a core keyword in the title greatly boosts ranking. They should also be a mix of high and low traffic words in the subtitles and descriptions. Keywords should be introduced in all fields: Title, Short Description and Description
  • Visual Assets:- This includes the app icon and screenshots (Should mention the game features in a eye catching way, vertical so they are optimized for all mobile screens. The first screenshot should preferably be a video not more than 12 seconds showing gameplay

2) Organic Social Media Marketing

In order to acquire users and reduce churn, you have to makes sure to use a very data-driven marketing approach by reaching out to your customers on a very granular level and making sure the content is localized and engaging. One way to be this could be do have a tiktok channel for your game and upload engaging content on a regular basis. Another one could be to use meme marketing. Memes are very easy and cheap (mostly free) to make. Some companies that have used meme marketing successfully are Netflix, Buzzfeed and Apple. Aside from being super easy to make, memes also have the added benefit of going viral. Not only does virality greatly increase your app traffic but also increases brand awareness.

3) Strategic Partnerships

UMX studios not only creates its own games but has a flourishing B2B model as well where we localize

existing famous games of other markets for the Arab speaking community. This leads to a wide demographic of customers that our partners can capture. They also get the following benefits from these partnerships

1) Less development costs as the game is already created

2) Reaching untouched segments

3) Free promotion on partner social media accounts

If you are interested in partnering with us, get in touch here

4) Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach out to new audiences and improve a company’s SEO ranking. A good influencer campaign is one that has 1-2 big influencers but also makes use of micro-influencers to get the word out. A goof influencer campaign needs to be relevant to mobile gaming, the influencer should have a high reach and the content should resonate with your gamers. UMX

studio has successfully made use of influencer marketing to gain new users by collaborating with Arab influencers such as Saifaany Gamer and Mzuuoongames. Check out our video collaborating with Mzuuoongames here where he did a review of one of our most popular games CSD

5) Referrals

One of the most old school and effective way to advertise is through word of mouth. Which is why you should incorporate referrals in your UA strategy. A good way for this would be to incentivize the referrer and the referee with your games currency. Not only is it cheap but it’s extremely effective for acquisation. A nice addition to this would be to have online communities where your players can come together to discuss new strategies for the game and meet other players. Some good channels for this are youtube, discord and reddit. (Check out our youtube channel here!)