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When you install a UMX Studio (Applications – Games) program, you will be given free access to it with premium games that are not available unless the software is installed. By installing the software, you will be served ads such as video, text, interstitials, pop-ups, and all ad formats across programs (Applications – Games) based on the web content you see or programs (Applications – Games) (these ads will be referred to as “Ads”) . We use multiple ad networks so we can show you more relevant ads. Advertising support is essential for UMX Studio. As such, you will see additional offers and display ads when using software (Applications – Games). , And more information about these ads is available at times by clicking the “About this Ad” link in the ad window. UMX Studio cannot be held liable for any damages resulting directly or indirectly.
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You may not use the site or the software (Applications – Games) in any way that is illegal or harmful to us or any other party in any way and you will be held fully responsible for damages resulting from your behavior before the competent authorities and provide all information about you if necessary, maintain the playing environment Respect for the rights of others

You can uninstall the program (Applications – Games) from the “Add / Remove Programs” section or based on your device operating system . If you face any difficulties in uninstalling programs, please contact us at

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Our website and software (Applications – Games) are updated periodically. UMX Studio may or may not at its sole discretion to update its software (Applications – Games) on your device, but there’s no obligation to provide you with any updates. We retain the right to add, change or discontinue any part of our Software (Applications – Games) in any way, at our sole discretion, UMX Studio retain the right to make changes to this End User License Agreement. Please check this page periodically for changes. Any such amendment represents the End User License Agreement, so your continued use of the Site and the Software (Applications – Games) indicates your acceptance of this amended End User License Agreement. If you do not accept any term of this End User License Agreement, you must Uninstalling programs (Applications – Games) from your device and stop using them, Do not uninstall programs (Applications – Games) or your continued use of the programs (Applications – Games) is an acceptance of the revised End User License Agreement.
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